Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trailer Ride Video, Part 2 - Box Stall

I took full advantage of the gorgeous weekend we just had and took a horse somewhere every day of it, which means, box stall videos!  Finally!

I took Mochi somewhere as well this weekend, and decided to leave the box stall in the trailer and take some video of her as well.  I am planning to get that up tomorrow in a post.

This video was done in comparison to those I took last month of Klein in a straight load stall.  You can find that post here:  Trailer Ride Video, Part 1 - Straight Load Stall.  As I mentioned in that post, I was curious to see how the ride is back there so I bought a suction cup mount for my GoPro and took some video to see for myself.  Here is my GoPro on the mount in my trailer:

For the sake of comparison, here again is what I'm hauling with:

My truck is a Dodge 2500 Cummins diesel 6 speed manual, which is why you will hear the shifting in the videos.  It has some mods so, that is also why it's so loud.  It's chipped with a full 5" turbo back exhaust and upgraded fuel system, among other things.  My trailer is an Sundowner mini 2+1 gooseneck trailer.

 Here is Klein in the box stall:

If you are wondering why I don't tie them, click on the link to Part 1.  As you can see, Klein doesn't really care one way or the other.  I do think she likes being able to see out though.  This way, the head divider isn't in her way.  She used to turn around in box stalls and ride backward but there must be something about my trailer now, or maybe she just prefers riding front facing now.  The great thing about the box stall is, she can do what she wants.  The plan is to leave the divider out for now and stick with the box stall, unless I need to take two horses somewhere.

Stay tuned for the video with Mochi tomorrow, she's a little more exciting to watch than Klein!  Nothing crazy, just a little more animated.  It makes it interesting to see how they move around in the box stall, if they move.


  1. It's so interesting to watch! It looks like Klein enjoys her trailer rides. I am curious what Bacon would do in a box stall, as she weaves in the trailer. Usually, the more room she has, the more she weaves, but if she could turn around and be more free, maybe not!

  2. Hey! I had a question - I have a 2 horse straight load Hawk that I wanted to take the partition out and leave my guy un-tied as I make the trek from OKC to NC. What did you do about your butt bars? Obv. if I take out the divider I have nothing to attach butt bars too - so he would have to lean against the back ramp. What do you do?


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