Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Plan.

She is my horse of a lifetime.

Here are some pics from last Friday evening of Klein and I.

 Flying on my heart horse.

 Working on lateral movement.

The plan is to keep moving with current posts but add information and pictures that were lost on the original blog.  I will add pics and videos from shows, training, schooling, etc... as I get everything reorganized.  You guys will kind of have to bear with me while we rebuild this thing piece by piece.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

What Happened?

We are still here, and all three of us are ok!  Thank you for checking on us through all the emails, Facebook messages, and COTH posts.  Here they both are this past week:

Yeah, they're on Instagram now (jumpingpercheron).

The loss of the blog was a complete accident.  It's upsetting that I have officially lost over five years of blog posts that have told the story of Klein's training and our travels around the country as far as to Hawaii and back.  But, there's nothing I can do but move forward.  So, here we are again.  We'll start from here and move forward.

What happened?  I meant to delete a gmail address and ended up accidentally deleting my entire Google account.  A lot of you sent me helpful links of how to recover a Blogger blog.  The link mentioned going to your dashboard first.  That was the problem.  I deleted the entire account so I had no dashboard because I couldn't even log in anymore.  I went through Google's pathetic account recovery link as well.  That was absolutely useless.  There is literally nothing I can do.  The original blog is gone.  I can't even register the same address with blogger so take note that the address to this blog is and the original blog was  The hyphen is missing from the new address.  You will have to resubscribe if you were on the email subscription.

We're officially back!