Thursday, October 27, 2016

Schooling at Home

Klein has been schooling extremely well over 3'6" at home.  I realized we don't school it enough if we want to be a little more accurate at that height, so I changed that recently.  I don't school her at that height every week, but we have definitely included it more.  It has shown up in some course work and it's shown up in some of our gymnastic work.

 *sigh* those knees.

The standards are 4', the oxer in this pic is 3'6".  I'm thinking one day soon we'll put the rails on the highest hole just once for funsies.

 A trot in grid with a 3'6" vertical on the end.

Apologies for the blurry pictures, as usual.  However, my iPhone 7 Plus has been ordered and should be here by the second week of November and the camera on this new version is supposed to be significantly improved in low light.  Also, now that it is fall and the leaves are letting go, it's lighter in our arena and that should help too.  I'm tired of these blurry, crap quality photos.  Anyone have a 7 Plus yet and care to comment about what they think of it so far?

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The Other Half also noticed a road barricade barrel had appeared along our property line one day.  It stayed for a couple weeks, no one came to claim it so he grabbed it for me!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beach Ride!

A week and a half ago I took Klein to one of our favorite places, the beach.  Cross another piece of U.S. coast line off of our list.  We have now been to the beach in Hawaii, Florida, and New Jersey.

This is the first place we have lived that has restrictions on when you can ride on the beach.  Here it is from October-April.  You also have to make reservations here, something else we have never had to do. We also had to pay, yet another new thing.  You have to pay for everything in New Jersey.  I've learned that pretty quickly.  You can't even drive your truck and trailer across their bridges for less than $20 most times.  Anyway, New Jersey can't ruin the beach for us.  So, I took the first Friday of October off and we went to the beach by ourselves because sometimes you just need to go gallop your Heart Horse bareback on the beach.

Crossing the bridge to the Jersey Shore.

It was perfect beach weather.  I couldn't have picked a better day!  The beach wasn't too busy either, and there was no one in the direction that we were riding.  When I was getting to the parking lot one trailer was leaving and there was one still parked in the lot when we got there.  Those people were untacking so it was just Klein and I with the beach to ourselves pretty much!

As Klein and I walked by the trailer with the other two people they were dressed in pants and long sleeve shirts and their horses had been fully tacked up.  They started laughing at us.  I honestly have no idea what they were laughing at.  Sorry, but unless you go to the beach in the winter, I'm not wearing a shirt or shoes.  This is the beach people.  No shirt, no shoes, no tack, no problem.  I guess if you have a baby and it's their first time at the beach, I could see why you'd be tacked up.  Klein started going to the beach for sunrise beach rides in Hawaii when she was three.  It was one of the first places I took her off the barn property (because it was across the street).

How a beach ride should be.

We had an awesome time together like we always do.  I didn't get her in the water too deep because, it's cold up here.  The water never really warms up.  Getting splashed with it a couple times was enough.

Klein will never jump a Grand Prix course, but it is something special to be able to take your horse where ever in the world you feel like going and know you can go alone and there will be no shenanigans because you have that kind of bond with each other.

Here's some pictures and video from that day:

The trail over the dunes to get to the beach.


Just my girl and I.

Klein was entertained by the waves rolling in, watch them get her attention!


Here's a little ride along down the beach with us!

All done having a blast at the beach!  An appropriate shirt for the day too.  Die living.  Don't wait around to do the awesome things you dream of.  I cannot count the number of people that have come up to us while we are riding on the beach in every state we have done it in that say "oh, that's a bucket list item for me, it is a childhood dream to do that!"  Go do it!  Find a way! There's always a way, even if it isn't with your own horse.

This picture cracks me up because we even walk in step.  We are coming up on our ten year anniversary together next year.

This mare, yeah we might not be out galloping a xc course, but days like this with her are priceless to me.  These are memories that will be with me the rest of my life.

My beauty queen, ready to head home (P.S. thank YOU Back on Track for making your quick wraps in sizes that will fit her!).