Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Valentine

I am only sappy over very few things in life.  Consider this your warning.  This is a post about love.  I just want to give some recognition to The Other Half.  He is like Klein in the way that I can't figure out where he came from.  Right from the start of our relationship I knew he was the best human I have ever met and I don't know what I did to deserve him.  I am dead serious when I say that before he came along, I had accepted the fact that no person would ever make me as happy as my horses and to just get over ever thinking any different.  I was completely ok with being the crazy cat lady and sitting on my porch with a shot gun and some whiskey when I got old.

But, then The Other Half came along when I wasn't looking, and honestly wanted to be left alone, and changed all that.  He is the only person that actually makes me want to make a concentrated effort to be a better person and do well with every goal I set.  I guess it is true that the best things come along when you're lease expecting them.  That is how I found Klein too, because really, who was going to buy a two year old filly sight unseen off the internet and ship her to Hawaii while being active duty military??  Only this person right here, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my entire life for countless reasons.

Aside from all the things he does that you guys read about on this blog, let me tell you what this guy was doing just last week.  He was getting ready for a lengthy work trip, so he had taken some time off to get ready, two weeks to be exact.  What was he doing?  He was out doing things around the house and our property that would make things easier for me while he was gone.  I didn't ask for that.  I didn't want to add to his to do list.  He just did it.  One small example is that there were some branches growing a bit long out by where I turn around with my truck and trailer to park it and he went and cut them all down.  I could have done that.  Nope.  Done.  There are lots of other things too.

He is always there for me, even when he can't physically be home for work reasons.  He even makes sure to re-up the supply of granola bars by ordering them off Amazon for the ponies when he is thousands of miles away.  He went with me to almost every single show last year.  He was my voice of reason when I needed to hear it too. 

Because of this work trip, you guys won't see him until toward the end of the season, so I think it's worth mentioning that this is the only reason he won't be with us as much as usual this season.  Thankfully Klein and I are very used to being alone at home, shows, adventuring to random places, etc...  We'll be ok, but I will miss him a ton, I already do.

Instead of being sad that he'll be gone for a bit and waking up thinking about what is not physically here, I look around at everything we have TOGETHER.  We have an awesome life TOGETHER.  We are very fortunate to live the life that we do, and I never lose sight of this.  We are a team, and he reminds me of that a lot whenever a tough time comes around.  Whenever I try to take on a problem on my own when it's something that I got myself into, he is always there to insist on helping me solve it.  He is always there for me. 

I'll be busy with a lot of things like usual while he is away for work, and that will make time fly.  So, even though my Valentine wasn't physically here with me today, I am not sitting here pouting.  I'm sitting here happy and smiling because I am married to such a genuinely wonderful man.  Plus, we already have our rain check date planned at our favorite place here for as soon as he gets back.

I always tell people that laugh at how much I love Klein that if they don't have something in their life that they love and enjoy as much as I do with my horses, then they are missing out and I feel sorry for them.  I feel the same way with The Other Half, and I hope you guys all find a significant other that makes you as happy and treats you as well as he treats me.


  1. awwww <3

    this is a great post. if you're doing some local recognized shows I can sub in to be your groom here and there :)

  2. Sounds like you guys are perfect for each other. Having someone like that is priceless. My hubby had a pretty serious health issue in 2016, so that was a big wake up call for me to not take things for granted (we've been married 15+yrs). You've hinted at your hubby's line of work before, so I'll be happy to hear when he is back home with you. ;-) (and not in a creepy internet stalker way...lol)

  3. So happy for you :)

    Also happy that you found that person because I've also accepted that I'll really truly be happy if it's just my horse (or future horses) and me and I never find that other person. It would be nice though ;)