Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Klein has been jumping exceeding well lately.  We have been working hard on some things with our jumping this fall and winter and they are paying off.  We are jumping the best we have ever been and are nailing everything from every which way we jump it.  One thing that has helped a lot is that we have improved our communication through the outside rein and seat aids.  It's no secret a better connection through those two will improve performance and accuracy.

Heading toward the 4' oxer like who cares.

She has just been awesome. We'll be heading toward some 3'6" at a CT this year for sure.  It's time to get out of the Novice mindset.  I honestly think last year she just got bored with that.  I mean look at her over 3'6" and up.  Every ride just makes me more and more excited for this year's shows.

Last Friday I had set up a line with low wide oxers in it.  It was a cavaletti, ground rail, oxer, two strides with ground rails to a second oxer then a ground rail a stride out from that.  I wanted her to really stretch out, that was the point of keeping them low and wide.  When they are wider than they are high it also helps their bascule.  After she jumped through the line both ways a few times we jumped them on an angle from outside of the line.  She decided she would just go ahead and ignore the rails and jump the height of the standards, 4'.  Funny because I jumped her at 4' a couple weeks ago (first pic of the post)  Here's a video:

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She is an alien.  She has to be.  I still wonder all the time how I ended up being so lucky to find her as a random two year old on the internet.


  1. Best alien ever!!! She is so impressive and you guys make such a great team. My favorite part is that you have been working really hard lately but she clearly loves her job in every photo and video.

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