Saturday, February 25, 2017

First XC School of 2017

Last weekend, Klein and I also went for our first xc school of the year.  She was her usual amazing self.  She was super forward to everything and got strong after the fences, she was definitely enjoying herself.  I wanted to school some Training level stuff but, I knew damn well that if we went somewhere with a full Training Level course we would get carried away between her being excited and being strong and me being excited and high on a great ride we would probably get carried away with more work than we need at the year's first xc school.  The point was for it to be an easy confident school for her, and it was.  Easy, fun, we're ready to get some real work done.

I apologized to Klein for this crap release.

For that school I warmed her up in a ring with stadium jumps.  We jumped some single fences then through a gymnastic line of three one strides, an in and out, and some other related fences.  She was feeling great.  We headed out to the xc jumps and got in ditches, rolltops, benches, ramps, coops, shark's tooth, banks, half coffin, a corner, some drops, and skinny chevron.  It was a perfect spot for a great start to xc for the year.  We'll probably do another easy school this time with more Training stuff then we'll move on to Training only schools to prepare for this coming season.  So, if you guys have been missing the helmet cam videos, don't worry!

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  1. shes been jumping awesomely lately. love your updates.

    ps my horse is on full turnout and not broken anymore so lemme know if you want company to the pine barrens at some point!!