Friday, February 24, 2017

Another Adventure Into the Pine Barrens

The gorgeous weather over President's Day weekend meant a trip to the Pine Barrens for more exploring.  Again, I have yet to find the end of the main road.  I also found a new serious of trails that branch off from that main road.  This place is just awesome, except for some random creepers that try to take video of us.  Sometimes, I really wish Klein had an invisible button that I could press and we would instantly disappear.

We live in an area where there are A LOT of horses, yet people act like they have never seen a horse when she appears.  I know, it's because she's big, and she's grey (white).  She is a novelty.  But, novelty or not, it is WEIRD when people you don't know stop walking mid step, break out their phone and blatantly point it directly at you and hit record.  I DON'T KNOW YOU PEOPLE.

I completely understand if we are at a show.  People go to a show to watch the horses.  Video away.  But random people on trails????  It is just so creepy and voyeuristic to me.  I can't stand it.  I am kicking myself for not putting my GoPro on before we went out.  I had it with me because I had just done the box stall video.  If I would have had it on, you better believe I'd have video of these weirdos just like they do of me, and I would post it here and show you guys.  It happens every time, so next time I WILL have it on and I'm sure I'll catch some weirdos on camera for you with their stupid response of why they are being creepy.  I mean, what if I halted Klein, got my phone out and just started taking video of these people I have never met in my life walking by us on the trail without saying a word, is that not weird?  I will admit, I am fully aware that my profession has made me more paranoid than what you would expect because of the nature of my work, but I don't think getting videoed by people I don't know is far from a normal level of being creeped out?

Anyway, it was also my birthday that day, and I was determined not to let any creepy mofos ruin it.  I just turned Klein and trotted quickly away from them.  I didn't feel like confrontation that day, normally I'd be quick to call them out for being weirdos.  It was beautiful and I just wanted to enjoy it with Klein, alone.  The Pine Barrens also smell AMAZING.  So not only was it pretty, it smelled as pretty as it looked.

After we did some long trots, and a couple gallops down the new trails we found, we headed back and stopped at the water in case Klein wanted a drink.  She did, and she also wanted to play in it.  She cracks me up.  She LOVES playing.  She has always done it since we were in Hawaii and would get in the ocean.  She has never once tried to lay down in water either, which is why I let her splash as much as she wants because I know she's not testing the water to find a spot to dunk me.

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Also on our way back, we had almost made it back to the parking lot when two loose dogs came sprinting down the road at us.  I started yelling, which the owners heard before they saw us and then they started yelling for their dogs to come back.  People.  You are in a leash area, and you just came from the parking lot WITH A HORSE TRAILER.  But common sense isn't common, so I wouldn't expect them to put two and two together, or realize that is how lawsuits start.  Instead, I'll have to yell at your dogs to scare them before they do something they are going to regret.

That still didn't ruin our ride.  Creepers, loose dogs with their dumb owners and all, we had a beautiful ride.


  1. I'll start right up front by saying that yes: I find it very creepy when strangers take pictures of me when I'm out on my horse. It irks me personally.

    I do think, though, that they have the perfect right to do it and that this is the way our society is going. Smartphones have encouraged sharing via recording - whether taking pictures or video. I get pictures from friends and family all the time of people on horseback when they are out and about, because it makes them think of me and they want to share it with me.

    So I suspect it will happen more and more. I've worked giving tours & educational programs in museums my entire career, from age 16 onward, and early on no one ever took pictures of me. By graduate school, I was regularly appearing on my internship museum's search results. It's a new feature of our pop culture.

  2. Well, no obviously it is not illegal to take pictures. And most times when people acknowledge my existence and say "Can we take a picture?" I always say yes. And if they are taking them from a distance, it's not so creepy. However, when I am about 10 ft away and you stop dead center in the trail or road and break out your camera and start recording us without saying ONE WORD. That's unacceptable and I let them know that.

  3. I get creepers videoing me working with my horses in my own back yard. That really ticks me off because they are trespassing on private property when they are doing it. My friend who crosses a lot of roads on horseback has problems with drivers erratically pulling over onto the dirt shoulders kicking up rocks at her horse in order to stick a camera or phone out the window to video her.

  4. Yeah, creepers and dumb dog owners. Fun! Glad you still had a nice bday ride regardless. :-)

    I can see taking photos if you see a horse somewhere different - like a drive through, but just out in the woods - without saying anything? Def. weird.

  5. We get our pictures taken when we're trail riding all the time. Like so much we thought about getting cards to hand out and ask people to send us the pictures. It's just part if riding.

  6. Stacey, I kind of lost you for a while (stupid Blogger) but now I'm back! I didn't even know that you were now in New Jersey, my home state. The Pine Barrens DO smell amazing... spent many happy days camping and canoeing there. Just be aware that the water will stain any light-colored clothing you have. Found that one out the hard way (wrecked a brand-new swimsuit). At any rate, Klein is as amazing as ever and I'm excited to follow along with your CT adventure coming up!