Monday, March 28, 2016

Best XC School Ever

 Oh ya know, just jumping my Percheron over stuff like this.  Nbd.

My last post was pretty appropriate considering how yesterday's xc school went.  Yesterday was basically perfect.  I could not have asked for anything else from her.  She was beyond amazing.  Proud is an understatement.

Yesterday's school is EXACTLY what I was talking about in my previous post.  The things I have been working on are paying off.  We are going out there and having wonderfully confident schools.  There is not one thing out there yesterday that we jumped where I was like "umm, not sure about that."  No, we were sure about every single fence we jumped.  We committed to every one of them.  This was hands down the best xc school we have ever had.  It was just so smooth and easy for us.  We were just out there cruising around having an absolute blast.

 We almost came back around for that Trakehner, but why?  No need yesterday.  That trakehner is on the hit list though.

 Warm up.

 Locked on to her next target.

 Training roll top.

 Here she is locking on to the other roll top.

This girl seriously had me like:

Check her out over this Training table.

(here's one where my release is lacking)

Of course I had my helmet cam on, but The Other Half was nice enough to be my ground person and take some video for me.  Here is the helmet cam:

Here is the video The Other Half took:

This was extremely helpful because I immediately noticed my releases weren't that consistent.  That's an easy problem that was fixed as soon as I saw the video.  

 Training bank.  This doesn't look that big, but it was a decent size and we were going uphill to it, she had to work a little for this one.

 We'll hit the full half coffin next time.  No need for it yesterday, and she has schooled them before and has never taken notice.  She looked a little bit at a smaller ditch last weekend and got a tap for it.  I think she remembered because she pulled me over this thing like "LOOK MOM THIS IS ME NOT LOOKING!!!"

 My release was crap here.  Klein would have been 110% warranted to dump me and slap me around with a hoof for this.  *face palm* Sorry girl.  BUT, look at the room she has over this Training table!

 This was fun too.  Klein has schooled keyholes before on one of our Florida trips.  She never takes notice of them.  I don't think this really can be called a legit keyhole, but something different to look at for her.

 All done!  Another big thanks to The Other Half for being my ground person, taking video, waiting to go fishing to do this for me and having to listen to me rant and rave like a lunatic about how amazing Klein is in the process.  Like he doesn't hear it every day, but it went to a new level yesterday.  I was galloping around saying "OMFG she's SUCH a bamf!!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS HORSE?!  WHERE DID SHE COME FROM?!?"  Poor guy.  He's such a good sport.

So, what do we do after days like this?  We have a long cool out walk then I give her a liniment bath, do some dynamic stretching, wrap her all the way around in Back on Track no-bows (12 hours on) and turn her out.  She usually gets a drink, grazes for a minute, rolls, then goes back to grazing.  Today and tomorrow are rest days for her.


  1. DUDE. So awesome. Plus your other half is pretty cool too! Can't wait to see you guys Sunday! Hope we don't embarrass ourselves!

  2. Wow!! This is amazing! I can't get over how tightly she's got her front end tucked and how she's so careful to keep herself away from those fences.

    1. She has been like that from the first day I ever jumped her over a cross rail. It's crazy!