Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Gallop Spot!

Last week Klein and I found a treasure trove of a gallop spot!  We wandered to a new spot and it turned out to be completely amazing.  The perfect place to put some more wind in Klein's sails.  I didn't have my phone with me when I was on Klein.  I took Mochs to the same spot the next day and made sure I had my phone.

Headed to our new spot.


I let Moch out and she got up to 23 mph at our fastest gallop (I also remembered my GPS that day).  She had more to give, I felt her shift into an even higher gear at 23 mph but I didn't let her go for it.  Next time little ponyface, next time.  We have to learn that area just a little better before going all out.

I got a video of the reaction cattle have to Klein and Mochi every time they see them.  Doesn't matter where we are, cows come running to them and will follow them along the fence line some times.  Here they are gawking at Mochs:



I have a feeling the GoPro helmet cam is going to make an appearance on this blog again soon.

Oh and here's The Handsome the other evening.  I forget how big he really is sometimes, then I see pics of us standing next to each other.  I'm 5'7" by the way...

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