Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Awesome Customer Service Experience: www.rideyourbest.com

Just about two weeks ago I posted that Mochi got a beautiful Harry Dabbs five point that I ordered from a store in England. 

Klein has the same one. 

 Klein baby sporting hers.

I bought Klein's about two years ago and it has held up through a ton of wear.  I really like that style and since Klein's has done so well I got Mochi the same, from the same store.  Ride Your Best is the only place I could find this breastcollar, I can't find it from a store in the U.S. at all.

Mochi has worn hers about three times since it was delivered and last weekend it tore!  I was so disappointed.  It tore so easily (almost like paper) I immediately wondered if I got one with a defective piece of leather or maybe a piece of leather that was not prepared correctly.

I emailed Sue at Ride Your Best telling her what happened and included a picture.  I emailed her with no real expectation of getting a replacement.  This company has been wonderful both times I have bought things from them internationally and Sue always responds immediately to emails, but as a place of business, you can't just be giving away free pieces of tack because an item that was sold with no warranty came apart. 

However, Sue replied immediately and contacted Harry Dabbs to ask if they would replace it.  I offered to send back the broken breastcollar as well.  She just emailed me saying Harry Dabbs is shipping me a new one from the factory and told me to keep my old one, have it repaired and that way I can have a spare back up if I ever need it.

I'm totally shocked.  She did NOT have to do that!  Really, she didn't have to do anything for me.  She could have just replied to the email saying sorry that happened to you.  But she didn't.  She went above and beyond.  What great customer service!  Now I will purposely go looking through their website to see what else I can buy to support such a genuine business. 

Take a minute to shop around their online store at www.rideyourbest.com or check out their eBay listings at:  http://stores.ebay.com/Rideyourbest

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  1. What great service! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely look around.