Friday, August 26, 2016

Pine Barrens Round Two

Last weekend I picked up Meg and Runkle and took them with us to the spot in the Pine Barrens that Klein and I had recently went to.

It was another good ride for Klein to just relax and hang out.  She was the perfect buddy for Runkle too.  She was kind of his security blanket, even though she couldn't have cared any less.  He was adorable.  He would try to nuzzle her butt (all the boys LOVE her big butt) and put his nose to her neck, and I don't think she actually every acknowledged his existence once.  That's just how she is though, no offense to Runkle, it definitely wasn't him.

We had a great time wandering around the Pine Barrens and getting in the water again, no kayakers to run into this time.  Runkle got his toes wet too, like a brave baby.

The water is dark due to the tannic acid.  It's weird, the tannic acid actually purifies this water, despite the dark color it is really clear when you look into it.  This stuff was eeeevery where in the south.

Klein mare in four wheel drive (click to play):

We ran into dirt bikes and other people on horses, since Klein didn't care about any of that, it helped Runkle to not care too much either.

I'm looking forward to going back again and exploring the areas we haven't yet wandered into.  That place is perfect for a long, relaxing ride.