Thursday, August 4, 2016

Klein Living Up to Her Title

Klein baby bringing her A game out!  Don't touch that jump now Klein mare!

Also, MIA the past couple weeks have been the updates about our awesome jumping lessons!  Every lesson we make improvements.  Our turns have improved, our straightness has improved, and our canter has improved.  All essentials that we need to have good stadium rounds.  We are focused on finally making the move to Training next year for recognized events.  We've done some unrecognized Training stuff, and we Training CT'd our brains out last year.  We're more than ready.

Here are some clips from some of our recent lessons (click to play):

We also had a little 3'9" school at home one evening recently.  Unfortunately, we were alone, The Other Half was out of town for work so, in the low evening light and with the camera being on a tripod the picture came out blurry, but you still get the point.

And the Princess making demands through mare glares for her granola bar after a gallop work out one evening.  If anyone is good with photo shop can you please, please, plllllease photo shop some thug life glasses, gold chain, and a joint in her mouth?!  Send it to me on FB or email it to

I was taking too know cooling her out properly, hosing her off, letting her cool down in front of her big fan.  She has no time for that when there's a granola bar at stake.

P.S.  If you don't know what animal thug life videos are all about, you need to go to YouTube RIGHT NOW.