Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lying in Wait

What a distance to jumping a square oxer on an angle on my Klein baby looks like (with a blurry cameo by The Other Half).

 Lately I have been extra thankful to have my ponies at home.  It allows me to basically lie in wait until the heat breaks late in the evening and I can run out and grab Klein.  If she were boarded, I would most likely still just hang around the barn until that point because her rides are important, but at least I can get other things done around my house, or start my barn chores, or work on homework until that point instead of sitting around.

The other night I thought I was going to call it a night because it was just a really hot and humid day and the humidity just wouldn't let up.  I went outside to start my barn chores and felt a difference in the air, it wasn't so bad out anymore.  I went right back in the house and put my breeches and boots on and went to get Klein.  I already had something set up in the arena just in case.  It's the days like that that I'm extra thankful.

We were able to get a short, sweet, and to the point jump school in that evening!

Jumping a low, wide, square oxer on an angle.  Blurry thanks to the iPhone's crappy low-light capabilities, or lack there of.

Working through the line.

Some helmet cam and a clip from that evening (click to play):

A video posted by Stacey C (@jumpingpercheron) on

A video posted by Stacey C (@jumpingpercheron) on

A few evenings lately have been pretty much perfect, so, on one of those evenings, after Klein and I finished our dressage work, I took the girls out for a sunset stroll together.

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