Monday, August 1, 2016

New Trail Adventure

I honestly never thought we'd be riding around places like this in New Jersey.

Posts have been slow lately because I'm in a class that is stealing part of my soul.  There is a ton of writing and it's not the most interesting part of my Forensics degree.  I pretty much board the struggle bus every time I have to do anything in that class.  The amount of writing is stealing some of my time and motivation to write posts, but that will change once it's over.

Klein and I still have been busy making improvements in our jumping lessons, and going on new adventures.  One of those adventures was about two weeks ago when we went out with a friend for a long trail ride at a new place.

We explored for miles that day and still have plenty left to explore for next time.

 Klein heard voices and knew something or someone was coming.  Kayaks and canoes are the one thing that she just can't quite figure out and I knew they would surprise her when they came around the corner, so, I made her stand there and wait for them.  She wasn't thrilled and she snorted and wanted to back away from them but I made her stand there and everyone survived.  The kayaks and canoes didn't harm anyone, surprise!

So random...they became unamusing very quickly for her.

We walked down the stream a little ways and then turned around and headed back to our friend who was waiting on us at the top of the bank. 

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Who needs a kayak?!

 Ummm...conditioning for miles right here!  PERFECT!

 ...and miles...

 Klein and buddy Seb!  Actually Seb is more of Wes' buddy.  Seb was a very gracious host to Wes when I shipped him to NJ two weeks early with Brook Ledge.

This was a wonderful, relaxing ride in good company.  I really love these kind of rides.  We are planning to go again sooner than later! 


  1. oh man if you ever have an extra spot in your trailer you need to come pick me up. that looks soooo fun!

  2. What a cool place to explore!

  3. I don't know what my pony would have done if we ever came across kayakers on a ride! Looks like a really pretty place to ride.

  4. I love that you got to ride in the Pine Barrens! Like you, I never dreamed a landscape like that existed up here in the north!