Friday, August 19, 2016


Remember I asked for a Thug Life Klein??  Huge thanks to Kelly Moore Synott because she made a Thug Life Klein and sent it to me.  I have been laughing at it ever since!!  It's perfect!

That picture goes along perfectly with Klein's saddle pads I picked up yesterday.  I had #BAMF embroidered on a couple of her saddle pads and there will be more!  Dressage pads will be next.  I had another Jumping Percheron polo made and #BAMF is on one of the sleeves of that too.  Because, well, Klein's a BAMF.  That's one of her "official" hashtags.  

More saddle pads with our logo.

My jacket came out perfect!

The Other Half also has a polo now too.  Farmhouse Custom Embroidery has done all of our custom items.  She does a great job and you can browse a whole online catalog full of apparel and other things like the bag above that you can order through her and have whatever you want put on it.  It's quick too!  Go check her site out if you need anything!


  1. Took me a moment to figure out BAMF! Those are awesome, so is the pic

  2. Klein is a BAMF! Glad I could make the Thug Life image happen for you. Keep laughing! Hope our paths cross someday. Love all your swag. Will have to go check out Farmhouse. Don't we all need more personalized gear?