Thursday, February 25, 2016

TJP Throwback Thursday: Barefoot

My first horse, my mare Cherry, getting a pedicure in our front yard.  That's 8 or 9 year old me in the stylin' sweatpants and green shoes.

I've never shod any of my horses.  When I come across pictures of my first horse, Cherry, it reminds me of that.  She was always barefoot.  She did great.  We did everything together.  Cherry never had any issues.  When I had her, I remember thinking I wish she would have been shod so I could have cool horseshoes to keep and hang up when she was done with them.  

Barefoot OG status.


  1. I use to think it would be cool to have a shod horse too, I liked the noise their feet made when shod on harder surfaces. My first horse did have to be shod due to having very flat feet, and that pretty much relieved me of any desire to have a shod horse.