Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hacks and Tack

Somewhere I forgot to mention I finally got a pair of Compositi stirrups, and I love them.  They are extremely comfortable.

 I am definitely going to order a pair for my dressage saddle.

I also finally bought a pair of Kerrits Sit Tight N' Warm Full Seat Breeches.  They are wind proof and lined with polar fleece.  There aren't a lot of days that you would need them here but a couple days after they showed up we had a windy day that was 53, perfect to try them out.  Actually, they're the breeches I was wearing in the last post in the pics of Wes laying down.  They are super comfortable and warm.  They add just a little amount of bulk but not enough to notice while riding.  

Mochs got a new bridle.  I have to punch some holes in the flash but it fits her pretty well.  It was only used once and was an eBay steal!  She is too big for pony size stuff so Cob size fits her well.  Though sometimes things are slightly off with Cob size too.  I have the same problem with Klein.  She can wear most warmblood size stuff but every now and then the WB or OS stuff will fit a little off and I have to adjust it or add holes.

I finally cleaned my trailer tack room up and got everything organized.  The saddle rack had fallen because it was mounted pretty ghetto-fabulously by the previous owner.  The Other Half did a professional job of re-mounting it.

 Back to normal.

Mochs has been busy on hacks lately.

 We got a lot of rain two days before this.  The rivers were pretty high.

Klein and Wes waiting on us to get back the other evening.

A couple pics of the Klein horse from the other day...

 Klein warming up.

 Schooling 3'3".

Klein and Wes have been playing by the pond.  It's pretty hard to hide that fact...

 That face!


  1. Wes is looking quite fashionable in his ankle high mud boots.

  2. I have to ask, where did you find your breastplate for Klein? I ride a large draft cross and haven't been able to find anything that fits.

  3. Haha Gwen, yeah setting a new trend I guess.

    SquirrelGurl, both of her breastplates are warmblood size. So I have bought them from regular tack stores. The two I have now I found on eBay and don't remember the exact stores but I know for sure they are warmblood size.