Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reunion Countdown: 10 Days!

Things are starting to seem a little more real as far as Wes coming home.  My plane ticket is booked!  Wes and I will be reunited in less than 10 days!!!  I cannot believe that in about TWO weeks he will be on his way!  I started to tear up again one day last week when I turned onto the road to the barn.  Thinking again how in only a couple weeks the Brookledge rig will be turning down that road with my boy.  It honestly makes me tear up just typing that.  I can't imagine the amount of tears of happiness that are coming in the next couple weeks.  I'm sure some of them will be captured in the videos I'll be posting!

This whole experience has been humbling so far, to say the least.  The amount of donations Wes' GoFundMe site has is just unreal.  I have said this in every post about bringing Wes home but, I just will never be able to thank you all enough.  After this experience I am going to regularly browse GoFundMe and donate randomly.  I wish you all could meet him in person and give him a granola bar.  He's the one that started the granola bar obsession by the way.  So when he gets here, Klein can thank him for that.  He is an expert in Nature Valley Oat 'n Honey granola bars.  I bought him an off brand from Wal-Mart once and he spit it out, I PROMISE you I am not even joking in the least!  I ordered Wes his own "I'm Not a Clydesdale" halter last week, it should be here any day.  I will take it with me to Salt Lake.  That way he and Klein will both have "I'm Not a Clydesdale" halters!

Wes' GoFundMe page is still open for donations, so share away!  Thank you all again for everything you have done to Bring Wes Home!

Wes' GoFundMe Page:


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