Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Tattoo

I made a post about my tattoo on the old blog when I got it while stationed in Hawaii a few years ago.  The story behind it is me and a couple friends I used to work with before I joined the Air Force and was driving carriages, all agreed to get horse tattoos.  They had all gotten their tattoos and I was the last to get mine.  The tattoo was up to each person, you can get whatever you want, we just agreed it would be a horse.  I took me years to think of the tattoo I wanted.  Finally one day I figured it out.  It is an outline of sorts of a jumper with a cropped tail because it is Klein. 

I have seen this tattoo circulate around the internet world about three times over.  Friends even email me telling me their friends emailed them with a picture of a horse tattoo idea and it was my tattoo.  It is easy to find on a Google image search and I think that is why it keeps resurfacing.  I have also gotten links from friends to Facebook groups where my tattoo has been featured.  It's always really funny to read people's comments about it too.  Everything from "OMG THAT IS AWESOME!" to "Oh wow, that's just too big of a tattoo" like their opinion on MY tattoo matters.  Tattoos aren't for anyone but yourself, in my opinion.  I love my Klein tattoo.  Sometimes while I'm grooming, tacking/untacking, or just standing around hanging out with Klein when I tell her I love her (I tell her numerous times a day) and she's my Heart Horse I'll say "I mean, come on, what horse do I have a tattoo of, Klein mare?"

I figured I better repost about my tattoo to claim it and prove it's me.  I also get a lot of random emails asking where I got the design from.  I honestly don't remember but I know I had the artist modify the original design and crop the tail.  It also wasn't from anyone else's tattoo, that I do know.

So, there you have it...my Klein tattoo.


  1. Totally agree that tattoos are personal. I like that one, but for me it is big. And also I am super afraid of needles and tattoos. Yes, I am a wimp, but I do appreciate them!

  2. I love your tattoo! I got one for Gatsby last summer:)

  3. I totally agree that tattoos are very, very personal! Yours is certainly stunning, and it's pretty cool that it's been featured so many places on the interwebz!