Monday, August 6, 2018


Monty is a nice young horse that came to the barn not long ago.  He is an un-raced four year old with a the mind of a 10 year old.  If you didn't know he was four, you would never guess he was four.  He is about the easiest four year old you could hope for.  He is genuinely curious and not spooky at all.  I rode him for a bit to get him going in preparation to be listed for sale.  He had a good set of basics.  He was going wtc nicely and I had jumped him a couple times no problem.

Once he gains some more strength and balance and improves his bend he'll be on his way.  I think he'd make a great hunter.  He has the movement for it and the temperament.  Monty ended up not going far.  His new mom was already riding at the barn and she fell in love with him.  They are great together and will have a ton of fun.  I am so glad he found someone that will treat him like the wonderful horse he is.

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