Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wes is on His Way Home!!!!!!

Wes loading this morning in Salt Lake City!!

We did it!!  We are bringing Wes home!!!  Thank you again to everyone that donated, shared the GoFundMe page, and sent kind emails with stories and memories of their own horsey adventures.

First, let me say how absolutely AWESOME Brook Ledge is.  There is not a better horse shipper out there.  Period, there just IS NOT.  If you guys need a shipper, you need to call Brook Ledge.  They did a fantastic job with Klein and they are proving themselves yet again with Wes.  Every single person I have ever talked to in their office, their dispatch, or their drivers is always very, very nice and super helpful.  Leslie told me to contact her 24 hours a day if I want to know where Wes is at any time.  They called me twice yesterday to tell me they would be at the Salt Lake barn at 9am this morning.  They were actually even a few minutes early!  

Brook Ledge in front of the Salt Lake Barn this morning!

As soon as Lisa ( texted me with the above picture of the truck saying "They're here!" I started balling.  Finally!  FINALLY!!!!  Wes is coming home!!!  She also was great and took pictures this morning!!!

 Wes asking Lisa, "Did you just say I'm going to Georgia??"

The drivers were a little surprised at just how big Wes is.  When they saw him they actually had to go make his stall BIGGER.  I think sometimes people forget that Belgians can be huge.  There is a common farm chunk type body style that you see doing the draft horse pulls but Wes is hitch bred.  The hitch bred type is usually a minimum of 18 hands high.  Klein was bred to be on a hitch but didn't make the cut when they realized she would only be 17 hands high.  Wes was actually shown quite a lot in the lead on a six horse hitch in Canada out of two different barns, more on that later.

One of the drivers leading Wes out to load.

 Oh boy, first order of business is a bath.  Lisa said he did a good job getting as filthy as possible last night.  She cleaned him up the best she could considering it was 31 degrees there.


 Not too sure about this.

Wondering if there is enough room for a Wes on that thing.

Wes wanted a minute to check out the rig.  He actually has not been trailered since he came in from Denver eight years ago.  Lisa said he made me proud, he took a minute to check the rig out then walked right on.  That's my boy!

 Deciding to trust the strange man.

 Getting all situated on the rig.

 You can just barely see his big silhouette in the back window.
Heading home!

His estimated arrival is sometime Tuesday morning.  I will know a time frame tomorrow.  Stay tuned for a ton of pictures and video of our reunion!!!


  1. I can't imagine how excited you must be! I'm looking forward to the photos of Klein and Wes meeting. Two powerhouses!

  2. Stacey this actually made my eyes tear. I know from reading your past blog how much this means to you and I'm so happy & so excited for you!! Wes deserves the best, and he will surely get it!! <3

  3. Austen, I can't wait to see them together too!! Davsgirl, awww, haha I know the feeling. There's been a lot of happy crying going on since Sunday and a lot more is going to happen tonight. And yes, only the best for my ponies. Wes deserves a luxurious retirement that's for sure!