Saturday, February 15, 2014

One of the Guys

 My handsome boy on our sunset walk yesterday evening.

 Wes has continued to settle in and make himself right at home.  I walked him around the upper pasture this week, which is even bigger than the one he was in.  He had to stop and inventory the neighbor horses.

 Checking out the neighbor horses.

I walked him around to show him where all the fences were.  It's so big you can't see one side so I wanted to make sure he knew where it actually did stop.

 The guys and girls meeting at the fence that divides their pastures.  Notice how close Klein is, actually notice how close MOCH is!  She is the grey spot between Wes and the bays.

 Wes, the ladies man.  This is him meeting Nora.

So, he's just one of the guys now, running around with the rest of the geldings.

 Wes also found a puddle to play in, AND notice in the picture below he is taking his first couple bites of grass!  Finally!

 I just happened to be taking video when he did it too!  You can also see Klein watching him in the video.

 When I got to the barn today I found this:

 The Odd Couple suspiciously close to Wes.

 Hmmm...I feel the ice starting to thaw.

I have been thinking of what I call the three of them now.  They can't really be The Odd Couple anymore.  Well, Klein and Moch still can be, but I think I'm just going to start calling the The Collection.

I have had Klein and Moch out hacking around.

Klein just KILLED her flat work last night.  It was a great ride.  She was just totally tuned in.  I feel like we had a little light bulb moment last night.  Well more me than her, because, she's pretty much perfect. I paid extra attention to my body position when asking for down transitions and it definitely made them a little more balance.  Today we jumped around some small fences and then went for a hack with some galloping with a friend.  Klein was super handy around the little jump school today.  When we got back I put Mochi on the lunge line, then Wes and I had our second ride.  Mochi was a little more organized than usual on the lunge line today.  I was happy with her level of concentration today.

With Wes, our second ride was just about 10 minutes of walking around the pasture.  He just wandered around with me.  Our vet was out yesterday to do Klein and Mochi's coggins so I had her take a good look at Wes.  After looking at his teeth she said he appears to be no younger than 19 and no older than 21, so we are calling him 20.  

Wes.  Another picture from our sunset walk yesterday evening.


  1. :-) What a happy story. So glad he is settling in well.

  2. Beautiful! I'm glad he is settling in with you.

  3. haha, "the collection" is looking good! I read recently that horse people are basically crazy cat ladies, we just spend more money to do it :)

    I'm not sure if you saw my latest blog post, but it was prompted in part by your post about your tattoo going viral without your permission- you seemed to have a pretty good attitude about it- other bloggers have been pretty hot headed about the, I wrote a post on it! I would have included a pic of your tattoo on the post, but then I would have had to ask for permission. I'll share it on my fbk page though if you're game!