Monday, May 29, 2017

Update on the Mochaloosa

First, yes, she's not an App, she's a POA, but I still call her my little Mochaloosa.  Same same, only in a smaller package.  Mochs has been going well lately.  So well that I cantered her for the first time under saddle last week for the first time since this whole thing started.  She felt great, she got both leads and the head toss she used to have in the upward transition was non-existent.  I was really happy to see that we didn't have to iron that out again.


In case you are wondering, that is just a stretchy standing wrap around her hindquarters.  It is tied to her girth, it is not connected to her mouth in any way.

Here is some video of her on the lunge line recently:

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While she continues to feel and move great, she is still having random off steps here and there when she isn't in her boots.  I have my farrier in mind if I decided to try some shoes.  Our vet said she is so low grade and intermittently lame that regular shoes may just do the trick.  If not, corrective shoes will.  I do think the second injection of Osphos has helped her again too.

These off steps will be once or twice every couple weeks and it will always be when she's out in the pasture.  She has yet to be off in her Renegade boots.  So, for now, while I continue to bring her fitness level back and get some muscle going on, I think we're fine.  If I want to aim her at any shows, front shoes is most likely where we will be headed.  Only time will tell and we'll just keep doing what we're doing now and see how it goes!