Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Jersey Fresh 2017

CCI 3* victory gallop.

Last week I spent a couple days at Jersey Fresh with some friends.  I took the day off Friday to go watch the second day of dressage and walk the CCI3* xc course.

I didn't go for xc day because, as I am sure you all saw on EN and other sites that were giving updates, the weather was disgusting.  It was a pouring, cold rain all day.  I also had a lot of homework to do so that gave me a chance to work on it and get some things done.

 It took us an hour and twenty five minutes to walk the xc course.  We didn't stop for pictures at every fence either. 

The significantly improved island.

Pretty serious angled brushes.

 This jump was some kind of memorial.  It had baseballs on it and a sign that said "sign and baseball and take a piece of gum."  Still not sure what the full story is, but we all signed a baseball.

The Jail House.

It was a great weekend, and most importantly, despite some falls on xc, all horses and riders were ok at the end of the day.

One cool vendor that was set up was a NJ based company called "Delicious Horse Treats."  It was basically a buffet of all natural horse treats where you pay for a certain size bucket and then fill it with whatever you wanted.  The treats are actually made in Germany.

$15 for as much as you can pack in this bucket.

The guys working there were very nice and insisted we even try the treats ourselves because they are all natural.  We did try some, and they weren't bad.  They could honestly pass for some kind of bran cereal if you put some milk on them.

The guys also made sure that your bucket was PACKED and that you got every penny's worth of the treats.  So if anyone in the area is looking for a cool vendor for a show/clinc, their site isn't complete but it has their contact info:

So far, every single thing I put in the bucket, my three have loved.

There wasn't a ton of entries this year but the usual top riders were there, i.e. Philip, Buck, Boyd, Lauren, Jennie, etc...  I was really happy to see Dom Schramm and his Bolytair B take 3rd in the CCI 3*.

Dom and Boly over the triple bar.

It was a great weekend, and it just made me look forward to the upcoming events there this summer.  We always have a great time at the horse park and this year will be the same!


  1. Those treats looks so cool. I would totally buy buckets worth.

  2. oh i love the treat buffet!!!! I'm so into that.

    I'm so glad they fixed up the island at that water. I had a couple novices where you had to go through the island and the footing was so funny (steep and slick). It WAS cool back when they had the bridge but they got rid of that years ago.

    solid weekend!!

    1. They are still loving everything I give them out of it! I should have taken pics of each thing I put in but I just picked out things I knew they would like.

      They had the Novice xc like that last year too, we went up on it and down the other side for at least one of the HTs there last summer.