Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pony Rehab Update

The front box stall on the new trailer has been Moch tested, and Moch approved.

First, the only reason there has been a lull in posts is full time career + school + riding + maintaining our farm alone right now is taking up basically all my time.  I had to rearrange somethings on the to do list and unfortunately, writing blogs fell down the list a little bit.  But, both girls are in work and I have been busy riding them both alot.  It feels good to have days again where I ride both of my mares.

Mochi has been looking and feeling really good lately.  Right now. I'm riding her three times a week, or twice with a lunge line work out.  She is still sound in her Renegade boots.  I have trotted her a little bit and she feels great!  I'm still working on putting a fitness base on her though before we try any type of real work to see how it goes.

At home I have just been hacking her off my property.  I have also been taking her out.  I took her to the state forest the other week and I've taken her to another barn this past weekend.

I have a few more places coming up that I'm going to take her to ensure she keeps getting off the property and used to hauling a lot again.  She is still having some anxiety about hauling.  She's fine loading, but will be nervous by the time we get to where we are going.  So, just miles of hauling out will take that anxiety away over time.  She will remember that we go somewhere, we do normal things, we go home and she goes back out and does whatever she wants.



For now I will keep her at three days a week and gradually increase her workload when I feel she is ready.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed she continues to down the rehab road on a positive journey.  Should she become unsound, I have a back up plan ready to go that involves being shod by a farrier that has done Phillip Dutton's horses (since our trimmer doesn't do shoes anymore, or I would have him do it).  This pony is staying in work!

 Such a goofy pony!


  1. Glad to hear Mochs is doing well!!

  2. Moch is adorable! I'm glad she is back in regular work! Good luck juggling all your responsibilities. You are busy!

  3. Yay, so glad to hear she is doing well!