Wednesday, May 10, 2017


    Klein and I have been on the struggle bus a little bit lately with being one down on our team for the time being.  The Other Half plays a very big part in our team in a lot of ways, and one of those is xc schooling.  At this point, I'm really unsure of what we will do this year with shows because I just cannot get out and school as much as we need to because we are alone.  This is one area where moving around so much hurts you.  Moving around a lot is a fun adventure and gives you a lot of awesome opportunities but, being in a place for such a short time, we don't make many friends that want to do the same things that we do or go the same places.  While I have no problem signing a I Promise Not to Sue waiver and being on my merry way, a lot of places require a ground person around here.  The ones that do not are too small of courses for us.
    My plan was to get one Novice in then continue on at Training for the rest of the year.  We would have hit four or five DIFFERENT courses by now if The Other Half was here, but I have been to one.  Count, that does not hold recognized either.  It's frustrating, but it won't always be this way. 
    Every time we go through an extended work trip, people always come out of the woodwork to tell you to just say the word if you need anything.  But the truth of the matter is, people are too busy.  They have their own lives, and they don't have much time for you, unless maybe it's a medical emergency.  However, I have recently added one to my small circle that just may be my missing link right now.  Someone that takes things as seriously as I do and "gets it."
    I will be happy continuing to get Klein out to CTs this year and this will also give me some more time to concentrate on seeing just what we have with Mochi as far as her rehab.  She has still been going well, and we had a great ride this evening with trot work actually.  I've also started to look at riding some other horses because I think you can always learn from riding different horses.  Every horse has something they can teach you.  Even when I had Mochi in work, she taught me A LOT.  She's a challenge, but if you listen, she'll take you to school and you will be a better rider for it.  She helped me give Klein a better dressage ride, big time.
    Anyway, not having the certainty of a ground person to go when you want or need to go only adds stress and puts you up against closing deadlines that you can't 100% confidently commit to.  Not cool when you trying to move your horse up.  It reminds me of the days of not having a trailer and being at everyone else's mercy, and on their schedule.  It takes the fun out of things.  I'm here to have fun with my horses.

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  1. It is so hard, you know I understand as someone who moved recently too. Hopefully we can meet up after June 1 and school stuff together!