Saturday, April 8, 2017


Finally!  It is starting to look like Spring around here.  Now that the weather is being a little more consistent it was time for spring clips for everyone earlier this week.  Wes looks five years younger at least without his winter yak coat.  I can't get over how much better he looks.  He looks (and probably feels) like a whole new horse.

It can be hard to tell just what is hiding under Wes' super thick yak coat.  I can tell you I was ecstatic when I got done with his clip to see that he looks just as good as I thought he did.  He is owning the hell out of being 26 years old!  

 Such a Handsome.

Klein was already half clipped so I took the rest of hers off, and Mochi, while she doesn't grow much of a winter coat, it is still getting too warm for what she does have, so I took it all off too and she looks much better as well.

The derp is due to being mid chomp with a granola bar when I took this.

Klein's workload is steadily increasing with conditioning.  Her gallops felt absolutely amazing the other day.  I have galloped a ton of light horses of all sizes and builds, but there is just nothing like her gallop.  Her gallop is so powerful, it feels like she is gliding over the ground.  I love it.  It's an awesome feeling and I feel lucky to be experiencing it every time we gallop.


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