Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Trailer aka The New Hotness!

I have had my Sundowner mini 2+1 for about 4.5 years now and I have absolutely loved every second of owning it.  It has been the most versatile trailer ever and it has served me more than well.  I have hauled my girls across the country with it and put a ton of show miles on it.  It took me three months of searching the country over to even find it because I wanted that exact trailer and they are hard to find.  I ended up finding it at a dealership in Connecticut while we lived in Georgia.  I had it shipped down to me.

The only issue with it, is that it is not big enough to fit all three of our horses solely due to length.  Klein and Wes fit wonderfully in it.  It is a 7'6" tall trailer and the straight load stalls have plenty of room for them.  You can also turn it into a box stall as you saw in the trailer videos which any draft would find comfortable.  It has a ton of airflow in it, which is another huge reason I wanted that type of trailer.

Previous trailer, the mini 2+1.

I always knew that when the day came for a new trailer I would go for a full size 2+1.  You just cannot beat the setup that a 2+1 provides.  There are just SO many great configurations you can do with that trailer.  The only difference with a full size 2+1 and mine is the overall floor length.  The box stall is a full size box stall.  This would allow me to haul all three of ours together, no problem.

Every single time I have my trailer worked on at the dealership here I look at the new 2+1s, and I make The Other Half look at them too.  The guys at the dealer also ask me every time if I am ready to trade mine in for a new one.  Well, yeah...but not quite was always my answer.

After this latest round of obsessing earlier this year I decided I would just buy one next year before we move again.  I won't be taking all three of mine anywhere all together until we move so did I really need a new one?  Not really...until you think about emergency situations, then yes, I do need it.  If some situation arises where we would have to evacuate, I could load them and be gone.  No second trip, no finding anyone a ride.  And really, how do you make that decision?

So, yeah, I had talked myself out of it earlier this year and decided next year I would do it...until a week and a half ago at my lesson.  My instructor said she got her new trailer.  She said it wasn't what she had planned on getting and so I asked "Oh, what did you get?"  A new Sundowner 2+1.  G...t...f...o...  I had to go drool over it after I was done riding and seeing it all hooked up to her truck, I decided I'd had enough.  I called the dealership the next morning and said I'll take one.

I picked it up from the dealer today, a brand new 2017 Sundowner 2+1.

Full box stall.

The two straight load stalls behind the box stall.

I am a loyal Sundowner owner.  I have always had such great experiences with them.  Oh and if you are ever near Newfield, NJ, stop by Crossroads Trailers.  They have a big inventory of horse trailers, utility trailers, and RVs, and can do any work you need on your trailer.  Not only did I just buy this from them, they have been the ones that have worked on my previous trailer here anytime it has needed anything.  They have been great.  Great customer service and quality work.  One day while we were waiting for them to finish putting a new jack on mine, they ordered lunch of all of us in the waiting area.  They made this purchase extremely easy too despite using an out of state bank.  We did everything over the phone because I didn't need to go look at this trailer, I have looked at them a thousand times before I picked it up.  So when I did go to pick it up they had everything ready and all I had to do is sign a couple things and then they adjusted the GN for me to the clearance I needed and I was out of there with my new trailer in about 45 minutes, maybe less.

I will do a comparison post between these two trailers this week so that if you are ever in the market, or curious about the differences, or all the possibilities of a 2+1 in general, you will have some information.  I couldn't be happier with my purchase! 

P.S.  My smaller trailer is sold.  It went quick, sorry to those that contacted me about it.  I posted it Friday evening, had an offer in 10 mins, and it was sold by Sunday evening.  I'm super excited for the buyer, I genuinely hope she loves it every single minute she owns it as much as I did, and I am confident she will!


  1. Ahhh, how exciting. New trailer is BEAUTIFUL!

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