Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Horse Hubby aka The Other Half

 Hanging out with Wes.

My Horse Hubby makes occasional guest appearances on the blog, he is affectionately referred to as "The Other Half."  He is not only my other half, but my better half.  Let's take some time to take a closer look at The Other Half.

When we first met, I warned him up front what he was about to get himself into, it's only fair, and it didn't make him run away.  He was also informed that the horses were there first and they will not be going anywhere, AND if Klein didn't approve of him, he had no business sticking around.  Luckily, and oddly enough, Klein immediately acknowledged his existence and she lets him hang all over her.  She is so not a people horse.  You are something special if she takes any sort of interest in you.


He is such a good sport that when we met, there were two there's three, and he is still here!  He HELPED bring Wes home.  Does that make him an enabler?

Real Name:  Shane

When Not Busy Being a Horse Hubby You Will Find Him:  Working on his '73 Dodge Dart Sport or catching terrorists and other criminals.

Height:  18.3 hands

Favorite Thing to do With the Horses:  Walkabouts on the trails, or sharing snacks.

 Taking Mochs on an adventure.

 Sharing a carrot with Mochs.

Taste testing a Himalayan salt block.

Giving Wes a granola bar.  He keeps them stocked up with granola bars by ordering them a bunch of boxes of 96 granola bars off Amazon.  They never run out.

Can be Found at Horseshows:  Napping with the ponies at the trailer or...sharing snacks, or being my camera man.


Told you.

Funny story about snacks at horse shows...while at a show last month he thought it would be a great idea to get a meatball sub, and then offer some to Mochi.  Of course Mochi would want some, she's a foodie.  I was NOT happy when I caught him trying to give my horse that I was showing that day a piece of MEATBALL sub!  Hello!  Spaghetti sauce on pony's face, me wearing white breeches.  What was he THINKING?!  I made him wipe her face off with a napkin.

 And he tells ME I put Klein on a pedestal?  He takes her around at shows and bends branches down on trees that she likes to eat.  Best horse dad ever!

 Holding Klein so I can get my ribbons after our last round for the day.  Klein isn't thrilled because the roles are reversed, the horse waiting on the human.  She fully believes it should never be in that order.

Least Favorite Thing About Horseshows:  Little brats that "look down" on him from their horse or pony despite him being the same height as them ON their horse.

Super Power:  He can do EXCELLENT free hand clips!

No Matter What Barn We Go To (shows, clinics, etc...):  Every animal at the place will flock to him.

Despite just having shoulder surgery, he had the old guys back in five minutes after they decided to sneak out for some fun one day.

Permanently in Charge of:  Pony security.

Cottonmouth!  No but really, he chopped this one's head off.  The others have been shot.

I Know He Doesn't Like it, But He Does it Anyway:  Loading ponies early in the morning for clinics, shows, etc...

4:30am and 31 degrees.  But he was there by my side making sure I had everything and I was on my way before 5am for a fun clinic weekend out of town.

Best Trick:  Don't feed him, then take him to a tack store while he's hangry.  He will buy me things like Back on Track no bows to get me out of the store faster, which means he gets fed faster.

If He Gets an Attitude:  I turn him out with the mares.

When He's Been Really Good:  Mochi and I take him to the beach.

I Can Always Count on Him to:  Help with anything no matter if it's fixing fences, holding horses for the farrier, or feeding because I am stuck in court at work.

Jogging Wes for the farrier.

I get random selfies when he feeds.

This guy...he puts up with a lot of stuff, I don't know where he came from, or how I got this lucky, but I wouldn't trade him for anything!


Do any of you regularly read the Horse Hubby blog?  If you don't you should, it's hilarious!  It is authored by Timothy Harfield, International Event Rider (one of my favorite riders) and Mustang Advocate Elisa Wallace's husband.  Horse Hubby is having a calendar contest, which I am entering The Other Half in.  I will post the link when voting opens so you guys can all go vote for The Other Half!!


  1. What a great post! You and the 4-leggeds are indeed lucky, as is your other half :)

    1. Also, the pic of your other half at work is BADASS. I thank him, and you, for your service.

  2. Horse husbands are indeed a special breed! I know us horse girls are crazy... but I think our significant others are just as crazy... I mean, they have to be, right?!

  3. Does your husband ever ride or want to ride?

  4. This is so adorable. Glad you have such a good one!

  5. Thanks Shauna!

    Tracy, yeah they can't be right in the head to put up with all of our horsing!

    Allison and Aimee, thank you :)

    Olivia, no. He doesn't want to ride, he just likes doing other stuff around the barn. It works out great haha!

  6. What can I say that you don't already know? I can't find a man I respect let alone on that can understand and respect me. May you enjoy many years of this bliss.