Friday, August 28, 2015

Mochi Kicks More Ass

How we hack sometimes.

Hacking down the road, no bridle required.

We also stopped by the lake.
 Pre-hack have a good ride face hug from The Other Half.
 Mochs also just learned to handle gymnastics the other week.  

Gound rail - 11ft - cross rail - 11ft - ground rail - 11ft - cross rail - 11ft - ground rail. 

 Four trot poles space 4.5ft apart with 9ft between the last one and the cross rail then 11ft - ground rail - 11ft - tiny vertical.

We started with the two lines above.  Both lines I started with just one cross rail to break it down for Mochs.  She caught on quick and I felt comfortable with putting both lines completely up.  I didn't get video from the second line but I did get some from the first.

She was surprisingly great.  She is getting very light in the bridle and off of her forehand at the canter.  She's getting stronger and it is noticeable.  She wanted to take off after the last ground rail but I was able to bring her back.  Yes, bring her re-balance and get her light in the front.  Mind...blown.  This is hands down the best she has ever been over any jumps, even though they are tiny.  

A couple times on our approach to the line in the video I felt the thought cross her mind to rush but I sat up and tightened my core and that idea left her mind as quickly as it came in.

Such a good pony!

iPhone in evening light wins again.  Blurry, but you get the point.  Go Mochs!  She'll be getting around 3' courses (hopefully higher) one day.

 Best little spotted mare.


  1. You guys look awesome! That is so cool that she'll hack with just a rope around her neck.

  2. Glad you guys are figuring things out! It's so great when everything starts to click. :-)

  3. Wow she has gotten SO much better! When you first started jumping her it seemed like she'd never figure out that she didn't need to rush, that nothing was going to hurt her and that she could trust you. Now she just bams right through that exercise like she's always done it that way with you. Shows how much work you've put into her, and how much trust she gives you!