Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Break is Over

 Time to go back to work.
Time for Klein baby to come out of her summer break slowly, though summer here doesn't end until about Halloween.  It is so hard to keep her on the flat and keep it easy.  She has been on break for about two months but she is on 24/7 turnout on 10 acres.  Two months isn't that long of a break and all that turn out makes it even less of a break as far as fitness loss.  However, I'm always careful with her and we'll be on the flat for a little while then gradually bring back the fences and get back to 3'3"-3'6".

During her break I started her and Wes on Ichon.  Anyone use Ichon?  My vet suggested it and my dressage instructor uses it with great success.  It is an I.M. joint injection.  Last time I had my saddle fitter out she suggested (she's a body worker too) that it might be time for Klein.  I talked with my vet and she also thought it wouldn't be a bad idea since she is 11 now, and a big girl.  And Wes, well, he is 22, and arthritic.  If it didn't work well for him we'd step it up to Adequan.  But, it does seem to be working well for him.  I did the loading dose of one injection (5cc's) per week for four weeks and now they get it twice a month.  Mochs is a pretty low mileage model, so I think she's fine for now.

These past couple rides, Klein has felt great.  We have just been doing easy hacks and working on stretching down and things like shoulder in and haunches in to stretch, counter flexion.

I have a couple different goals I'm thinking about for this fall with Klein baby.  They all involve jumping and dressage.  I have to get her a little more back in work before I decide on one.


  1. I haven't heard of Ichon before. How does it work/what does it cost? Courage is only 10, but he's pretty high mileage, so I keep my ears open.

  2. It is used as a surgical lavage but has gained popularity in being a great alternative to Adequan or Pentosan. I get it from Allivet, here's the link:

    Some places you need a prescription, others do not require a prescription. Allivet does not require one.

  3. I had not heard of Ichon either but it was fascinating to know there is another option when it comes to injectable joint supplements! Gracie might be needing something along these lines long term so it's great to know this exists.