Monday, August 10, 2015

Hound Exercise

 Seriously magical place.

I took Mochs roading on Friday.  There is a very nice fox hunt close to us so every now and then I'll meet my friend that hunts with them regularly to go roading.  I've taken Mochi and Klein, both of them always have a blast.  Then after roading, my friend and I will keep riding the beautiful country that surrounds the fox hunt.

The only down side to getting there, there is about ten miles of this stupid, tiny road.

*Le Sigh*

Moch thinking this place looks familiar.

The kennels.

The staff at LOH is always so welcoming every time we go there.  I love them.  They are all very, very nice.  We are always treated like honored guests, despite just being there to tag along with them.

I took a little video while we were out that day:


  1. What a beautiful place! Mochi looks super happy in the video!

  2. You are so lucky to be surrounded by lovely places to ride. That road would make me very nervous.