Sunday, May 6, 2018

Marilyn Little's Bloody Horses, Continued

Let's not forget the Practical Horseman cover that was published seven years ago where she was pictured using a chain flash.

I am happy to say the momentum continues to grow after the latest blood incident at Kentucky.  Read the post before this one if you need to catch up with what I am referring to. 

FYI, this request is also spreading far and wide:

So, if you were there and have any, please, by all means, send them in.

Heels Down Magazine took a brave step forward on Friday and published an article addressing what we are all wondering when it comes to equestrian media outlets whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, a website, etc...  They saw something, why don't they say something?  They have a platform with a massive amount of reach.  Eventing seems to harbor a lot of people that are afraid to speak up whether it is media or the upper level riders.  I know the upper level pros are quiet due to their connections.  Often these connections are involved with other people that are somehow connected to a sponsor or owner that associates with other professionals.  They are trying to remain civil, despite this being a huge slap in the face to them.  Though Heels Down has had enough.

I feel for them, the position they are in is a difficult one.  They are damned if they do and damned if they don't when it comes to writing about things like horses running around courses with a bloody mouth, or now this past weekend's Badminton issues of excessive whipping and another horse death.  It seems most equestrian media stick to just the facts for the sake of not making waves. 

Please take a minute to read their article, Are We Doing Right By Our Horses? where they address the issues.  If you're not a regular reader, you should subcribe to their email list or like their FB page because they do write some really awesome, insightful articles.

I think Sally did a great job in this paragraph, "Regardless of the circumstances, the number of photographs circulating of Marilyn Little on multiple horses, at multiple events, with blood in the mouth do not lie. Do horses bite their lips? Yes. Do photos only capture a moment in time? Yes. Are there other riders who have had a bloody mouth or body part or a too-tight noseband? Yes. Should all of these instances be thoroughly investigated, not only on a case-by-case basis but as an overall pattern as well? Yes! Case-by-case is all well and good until you examine a track record. Where is the strike rule when it comes to blood on horses? Why are we not finding a better way to quantify and identify repeat offenses that warrant a more serious investigation?"

She also finishes strong with, "I am calling for this to apply to all horses and their riders, rather than a select few. When repeated instances occur, don’t stop at the vet box. Why should a more stringent investigation be shunned, particularly if there is nothing to hide? I’m not endorsing a fine-toothed comb over every photograph or video reel, but perhaps a more discerning eye that doesn’t pay mind to favor would go a long way for the overall improvement of our sport."

GREAT POINTS.  Thank you again to Heels Down as a whole, and Sally Spickard as an individual willing to put her name on this article.

One last thing, The Other Half decided that since MDC listened to their customers and dropped Marilyn Little, he would like to show his support, and I am now the proud owner of a new pair of MDC Classic Sport irons.  I have ridden in these before but now I have my own pair and they are comfortable and super high quality, there will be a more detailed review later!


  1. Kinda feel like it's also worth noting that two companies in particular have been pretty rabid and aggressive in their support of ML and her program - Summit and Intrepid International. Summit released a statement that is 90% about "bullying", and Intrepid is going around granting sponsorship to any professional that shows support for ML. It's kind of awkward.

    1. Good point. I just read Intrepid's where he mentions cyber bullying. I had already seen Patrick commenting around random posts on this on FB. He seems to ignore the fact of pattern with ML too. No one is arguing that shit know what wait, you already know this haha!

      I can't find Summit's.

  2. However, MDC dropped sponsorship of her after receiving numerous complaints despite them being a staunch supporter only hours earlier.

    1. Yes, that was addressed in the previous post that I mentioned in the very beginning of this one. That post was posted directly prior to this one.