Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Happy 27th Birthday-4th Retirement-Homecoming Anniversary Wesson!

One of my favorite pictures with him, taken by my dear friend that so generously "ponysat" him for two weeks during our move up to NJ.

Yesterday was another milestone for Wes.  It was the 4th anniversary of him being home.  I still look out the window every day and can't believe he's home with me.  If you haven't seen the post about the day he got home, here it is:

We also call his Retirement/Homecoming Anniversary his birthday since we don't know his exact birthday.  He turns 27 this year and is still going strong.  He is getting ornery in his old age.  It's not uncommon for me to hear the door to the feed stall be thrown open while I'm getting their dinner ready and turn around to see him in the door.  I still have to keep the stalls latched open because if they're not, he loves to trap Mochi in a stall.  She thinks she's actually trapped when he closes the door on her.  He has done it to Klein too, but Klein just slides the door open again and lets herself out.

This video is in the linked post, but in case you have already read it I have to put this video on this post.  This was the first day of the rest of his life, and also part of the reason we call his anniversary his birthday.  Again, he was very well taken care of at the carriage company, but he did live in a down town area with no turn out, just a small paddock.  Keep in mind he did walk miles through down town Salt Lake City 4-5 days a week. 

 Wes at work in downtown Salt Lake City.

When I drove him prior to my Air Force career, he was always one of the most enthusiastic workers.  He truly did love his job, but it was evident that his just being a horse side had faded when he arrived home and I realized he forgot how to graze.  It took him almost a month to figure it out.

 I will never forget the minute I took this picture.  This was the first bite of grass he took after just staring at the grass for the first month he was home.  He knew he was supposed to do something with it but he couldn't remember what, so he would just put his head down and stare at it, until this day.
He's just a content old guy that's happy to see the sun come up every morning and have his daily roll.  The only thing that seems to change is the grey around his eyes.  It gets a little more grey each year but nothing else about him seems to change. 

I put some pictures from the past year in this post since right now he is full on yak status.  I fully expect him to shed out to shiny dapples again this spring.

I still can't thank those of you who helped Bring Wes Home enough.  I only hope that these posts and updates about him are a small token of our appreciation, so that you can see he is living it up in retirement.

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