Thursday, February 15, 2018

Arranging 2018 Training Priorities

Now that Mochi is back in work, and feeling great, I've had to stop and think about my plans for this year.  My plan was to compete Klein at second level in some dressage shows with an event here or there, or a jumper show.  Klein is an easy tune up.  In a couple weeks it will be time to start putting some wind in her again.

Mochs, well, she is going to take longer to get fit due to being out of consistent work for two years.  So, it's pretty obvious where the priority is right now.  Mochi needs to get back in shape and gain some strength so that we can do some work this year.  While I have a really hard time pulling myself away from Klein to any degree, I realized that I'm really not doing that just by making Mochs a little higher on the priority list due to what I already mentioned, Klein being an easy tune up.  She requires some basics and conditioning regularly when the weather gets a bit nicer, but she is easy to maintain once I get her there.  She remembers everything I have ever taught her and her love of working makes her happy to do these things any day of the year.

I also have recently gotten an awesome opportunity to ride some horses for a local barn (post coming soon).  This is a great learning opportunity above all.  Sure I will be training them, but I feel like I still learn something from every single one of them and those experiences help me to continue to improve my own riding.  I love riding a variety of horses because you can learn so much no matter what level of training they are at.

Mochs deserves to have her time to shine, and now that it is here, she also deserves my very best effort so we can be the best team we can be.  So, when you guys don't see Klein out at shows as much as she usually is, just know there is nothing wrong with her, she's not done, she's not on a complete break, she's not benched, she's just fine!

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