Saturday, November 4, 2017

PSA Concerning Pictures From the Jumping Percheron Social Media

Every few months I usually find some website, or Facebook page, using an image of Klein and I, without permission or proper photo credit.  It happened again from a magazine just the other day.  A magazine I have no affiliation with and had not heard of until then.  I have even found a tack company using an image of Klein as well.  One of my Klein tattoos also regularly makes the rounds, usually in articles or posts about horse tattoos. 

I know that it is extremely easy to pull images from the internet.  I have my blog locked down to where if you right click on pictures, you can’t save them.  However, this doesn’t mean people can’t take a screen shot and then crop them. 

I don’t mind these images being used for some articles and promotions of certain things.  The problem is when there is no permission asked or proper photo credit listed with the image.  These pictures are always pictures I took, someone specifically took for me, or they are show images that I have purchased.  They are not pictures that someone I don’t know took of us while we were out somewhere, because that would be a little different since that would be their actual photograph.

If anyone wants to use images of Klein and I, just ask.  Email me, or message me through The Jumping Percheron Facebook page, or my Instagram.  It will take two seconds, and most likely I will just send you the high-quality image so you don’t have to take crappy screenshots and steal them.  Please keep in mind that I am a legal professional that works with and has access to hundreds of attorneys.  So again, just ask.  I check my email regularly, so you can easily reach me at 

Also, for those of you that tag me/message me when you see stuff out there, thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Ugh so frustrating! Total sense of betrayal! Snaps for you dealing with it so calmly.