Thursday, November 9, 2017

Non-Horsey Things?

Non-horsey things?  Here are some other things that I have been doing to keep myself busy while I'm away.  Between school, the gym, and going to ride on the weekends, here is what I was up to.

Quiet evenings alone at the abandoned golf course. 

Abandoned golf course club house.

Dilapidated pier at the abandoned golf course beach. 

Flexibility...important in and out of the saddle. 

One of many beach sunsets. 

 A park on the water.

A stormy evening on a quiet pier. 

Another panorama from the abandoned golf course beach.

More beach time.  This beach I could walk to from my hotel room, and I did many days and evenings.

Being a tourist.  It has been six years since I was here last, so there were some new things I had to check out. 

Stingrays at another park on the water.

A pretty evening with lightning in the water.

Took this V for a ride.  Driving a Caddy is already nice, but add in the whine of a supercharger...  Nothing quite like driving a supercharged luxury vehicle that puts bus lengths on every other vehicle around you instantly.

I absolutely love my CTS, but I still want a CTS-V, and unfortunately this one had been in Houston, TX in September of this year according to its Carfax.  Red flag because of Harvey, and that it came to this dealer through an auction in Texas after coming from Houston.

Went to a gun show and drooled over the Deagles.  No gold tigers though.  The day I get a .50AE Deagle, it WILL be a gold tiger.

A restaurant on a house boat that gives discounts to ccw holders, military, and gives out two free beers with your food.  He has been on the Food Network too.

 Even if I wasn't hungry, this sign alone would have still made me buy food just to support this guy, who supports the military (is a prior Marine himself), and loves his second amendment rights.

Just a bear getting midnight snacks out of a dumpster by my building, nbd.  There are Black Bears EVERYWHERE around here, obviously.  I saw one the second night I was I was walking down to the gym, that I can see from my hotel room.  Yeah, I drove the 300ft the rest of the time after that.  I saw more bears throughout my time too.