Thursday, January 14, 2016

TJP Throwback Thursday: Klein's First Jumps

 It wouldn't be Hawaii without a rainbow in the background.

Here are a couple firsts for Klein.  These were all when we lived in Hawaii.  The picture above is one of her first times schooling a 3' oxer, albeit a very narrow one.

This picture below is her VERY first time schooling a 2'3" vertical.  She was five in this picture.  My leg is killing me in these pics!  As Denny would say, it was wandering off to buy illegal drugs in most of these pics!  I have pictures from the first time she ever schooled a cross rail, I will have to find them.  They are on my hard drive that hasn't been unpacked yet.

Baby's first 2'3" vertical.

Here is the FIRST time she jumped 3', EVER.  She was six here.  I remember setting the tripod up on this day.  Again, lower leg, out to see the street pharmacist.  Thankfully the both of us have a lot more education now than we did in these pictures!

Baby's first 3' fence!

 Jump school.

 This was probably her second gymnastic line at 3'.

 When I knew 3' was not going to be an issue for her.

 Working on a one stride.

 Flat school with Mount Kaala on the north shore in the background.

 First gymnastic school with a bounce, she was in a rope halter in this picture.

 The line right before I raised that fence to 3' for the first time.

We've come a long way.  It's fun to look back at random points in our journey together.


  1. THAT IS A ONE STRIDE?! holy moly there is no way I would have made that one stride!! Okay but all freaking out aside, Klein looks awesome and it is very fun to see her progression from dark gray too!

  2. Unless I'm not remembering correctly, I am pretty sure it is. Her one strides are set just like everyone else's too. Maybe it was a two stride? It was one or the other for sure.

  3. I didn't start reading your blog until the last year or two, so it's kind of weird to see Klein with so many dapples! Haha

  4. These are some great pics! Nice job :)

  5. I had just started following your blog when you started playing with 3'. I loved the pics then and still think they are great!

  6. She was so dark and dappled back then. That's my favorite horse color, but they all turn to white eventually.

  7. I love that super dappled gray look. Wish they would stay that way!