Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowmageddon 2016


Snowmageddon hit us this week.  It arrived Friday evening.  I had been in Charlottesville, VA for work all this week and was sent home Thursday night so I could beat the storm.  I made a bee line back to New Jersey!  I had to drive straight through D.C. so I wasn't about to wait around.

 The next morning it was gusting 30+ mph so I put everyone in their stalls with full hay nets.  Mochs was in anyway because I don't want to take any risks of her running around and slipping when we are still being careful with that right front.

By the afternoon Klein and Wes were reminding us that they are grown ups, they are Canadian, and they don't need to be in.  So...I let them out, and they loved it.

 Giving the storm the double middle finger.

 I let Mochi out for a few supervised minutes, she was confused about exactly what was all over the ground.  This is her first legit snow, ever in her life.  Last Sunday was the first time she had ever seen snow and that was just a little bit.

It has been years since Klein has seen snow.  We had one snow in New Mexico that was out of character and it was 3".  Aside from that, the last time she saw snow is when she was a baby in Canada.  It shows.  She completely forgot how to handle herself in it.  As you can see in the video below, she almost wipes out.  You know...that would have never happened if she would have just left Wes alone.  He was trying to enjoy a nice roll in the snow when the Fun Police notices him having fun without her permission and has to IMMEDIATELY hit the lights and sirens on him and come galloping over.  Watch for his little buck at the end!!

Later on that afternoon she did let him have some fun, only because she was there to monitor.

Look at Wes go!!  He feels so good in the cold!  He is so happy!!  The colder it is, the more he runs around.

This morning it was beautiful out.  We let Wes out to roam while we shoveled the driveway. 

Wes in the front yard, wondering where all the grass went.

Check this next picture out, Wes digging in the snow to find grass!  Here is the horse that had forgotten how to graze when he came home two years ago.  It took him THREE MONTHS to remember how to graze like a normal horse and here he is doing normal horse things.  Things like this are everything I wanted for him in his retirement. 

Digging in the snow for grass.

I took Klein for a snowy bareback hack this afternoon too.  Great way to see how the roads are, which weren't great. 

Does this not look just like my previous post about White Sands?  See how that place messes with your mind?!

Road check!

Part of me is ok with this snow because I see how much the ponies enjoy it, I haven't been cold because I bought the right stuff to wear in this weather, there are no bugs to bother Klein, and I know this is not our permanent home (we'll only be here a few years). 

And we have some pretty sweet sunsets.


  1. That snow is deep. They are definitely having a blast in those videos. Double middle finger -- ha ha!

  2. Poor Wes, just trying to have a little fun and then Klein has to shut him down. There is always that one friend....

  3. You can see how happy Wes is by the look on his face. So cute!!

  4. They are SO cute and look like they're having so much fun!