Sunday, January 17, 2016


It finally snowed here today! 

Mochi has never seen snow before today.  She nuzzled a little bit of it on the ground, touched her nose to it on the fence, pricked her ears at it and went back to her stall.

Pony trying to figure out what's on the ground.

Moch was not impressed.

Wes is having the time of his life.  He has some extra energy today and has been cantering all over the place.  I think he's happy to have his snow back.  Even after dinner he demanded to be let out immediately.  Normally he'll just quietly wait until I finish my chores and let everyone out.

Back in their natural habitat.  One is from Canada, the other is from Maine (which is pretty much Canada too).

Klein saw snow like two or three times in New Mexico but that has been it since she was a baby Klein.  She came from Canada so she knows what winter is.  Judging by how much she has been enjoying the cold lately I'm sure she is happy to see it too.

The Fun Police on duty, seeing things only horse vision can see.

I was planning to ride anyway and I wasn't about to let the snow stop me.  Klein will go out in anything, including dust storms with gusts of 60mph.  I don't know what possessed me to think we might be able to ride in that, but we tried.  After five minutes of being sandblasted we went back in.

The snow was quiet and pretty.  We got some good dressage work in this afternoon.  We worked on 20m and 15m circles at the trot and canter, shoulder-in to canter departs, our stretchy circle, down transitions, and halts.

 Putting that new Back on Track quarter sheet to work today!  BTW, Mountain Horse Windsor jacket, SO warm and comfy!  Mountain Horse Active Rider Winter Tall Boots, also warm and comfy!


 Hacking around the property.

Oh speaking of Klein going out in anything...we also went out by head lamp this past Friday for a bareback dressage school and worked on lengthenings. 


We hacked around the trail on our property and ran into three glittering pairs of eyes too.  They caught Klein's attention and she stopped to stare.  They were deer and they took off into the field next to our property.

 My Canadians.

It was fun to see Wes out enjoying himself so much today.  Maybe he can convince Mochi it's not that bad.

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  1. The hacking pictures are stunning! You are more than welcome to some of our snow, we have far too much of it for my tastes.