Sunday, June 21, 2015

Straight Shot Metal

Beka at The Owls Approve opened a really cool Etsy Shop a little while ago called Straight Shot Metal.  I meant to order sooner but I started slacking.  One night I actually had an order in the shopping cart on the site but...I had one too many adult beverages and couldn't figure out how to complete the order.  Yeah, I know.

I finally made my first order last week.  I only ordered a bridle charm and bracelet, because I am an indecisive mofo.  I can't figure out what to put on Mochi's bridle soon as I do, I will order her one too.  And I will probably order some things for friends.

Anyway, I got my order, and they turned out GREAT!!  AND!  Beka through in a free bracelet that says "Wes, Klein, Mochi"!!!  HOW COOL IS THAT?!  AND!  She made a tag that says "Jumping Percheron."  That's pretty awesome.

 The bottom bracelet says "Ride to Live."

The sad part...I tried the bridle charm on both buckles and the clasp is too small.  It won't close all the way around the buckle.  Another down side to having a huge horse, she has huge tack...


  1. A keychain ring will do the trick! :) It's how I got my SSM charms on my bridles. I love Beka's work!

  2. I couldn't get my clasp around my bridle buckles either. I put it on my breastplate instead. :)

  3. Saiph, awesome idea.

    Carly, you have a great idea too. I tried it but the buckles on her breastcollar are too big too!

  4. I really wanted my bridle charm to fit perfectly in the hole in the shoulder piece of my five point but it didn't fit there. Fortunately it fits elsewhere and looks FAB! I do love your charms!