Saturday, June 27, 2015

One of My Greatest Teachers

Moch has been making some serious progress lately.  I decided to keep her on the flat for the last month to reinforce some of the basics.  It was a good move.  Moch is giving me some amazing (aka proper) trot work lately, both sitting and rising.

Last week we had a ride where I felt her start to really come through, carry herself, and swing through her back.  Yessss!!!  The fact that we finally had that moment really got me excited.

Mochs is starting to get the hang of this balance thing.  She has also taught me I need to really support her more on the outside rein.  I have a habit of having a little bit too much conversation on the outside rein when I should just keep quiet.  Moch has reminded me of that in our recent rides.  She'll get a bit fidgety if I'm not quiet enough on the outside rein, but as soon as I quiet down and just have that constant supporting contact she falls right in line.  That has been a great reminder for when I ride Klein too.

 I keep calling Mochs one of my greatest teachers, because she really has taught me a lot since we started regular work together at the end of February this year.  She has taught me to pay attention to the small print of riding.  Pay attention and control every muscle, every breath.  She is making me a better rider.

We ride with our dressage instructor tomorrow morning.  I'm pretty excited to start working on our canter for real now.


  1. She is looking amazing!! What an awesome job you are doing with her.

  2. She's wonderful - hope my spotted beast will be as lovely!