Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Conditioning Heaven

Galloping Mochi along the lake on a beautiful, breezy Monday evening.
The Other Half got us access to Conditioning Heaven the other day.  We had limited access to this area but not we have full access any time we want.  This area is directly across the street from the barn and also borders the barn.  It is over 1,000 acres of property.  There is 20+ miles of trails.  It is a private property and the Other Half spoke with the owner directly, a very nice man, and now and we are free to go as we please.

Crossing the dam.

 It is so quiet and beautiful.

 Klein baby enjoying the view.


 We saw deer and wild turkeys around this area.

 This property is beyond beautiful.  I can't thank the owner enough for allowing us to have full access to it.  There is a VERY limited number of people allowed on it.  It's extremely quiet.

 More lake galloping.

 So in love with this place.

 Family walk.

 Right before deer ran across in front of us.  We see deer every day in this area.

 Not much beats this.  We win at life.


  1. That looks incredible. I wanted to get into the water till you pointed out the gator. ;-)

  2. A little slice of Heaven for you and the girls.