Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More Pony Adventures and Gator Chasing

Mochs and I have been having all kinds of adventures together out on the trails lately.  I have been putting some conditioning work on her lately.  She LOVES to be out and about.  It's great for her, and I think it helps improve our bond.

There's a ton of deer in this area.  We see deer every time we are on that property.  Luckily, Mochs doesn't really take much notice of them.  One morning we were in the middle of a mile long gallop at 450 mpm down one of the trails and a deer popped up right beside us and took off.  Moch looked over at it, but her speed never changed.  About 15 minutes later one popped out of nowhere and ran across the trail in front of us.  Moch didn't care, she probably wonders what their problem is.  The other day we came across some wild turkeys and I sent Moch after them. 

Speaking of chasing things...There Klein and I were, enjoying a Friday night hack...

We started an easy canter along the lake...

And a big gator was hanging out on the banks.  We scared the hell out of it and it got into the water as fast as it could.  It swam out pretty far, so I couldn't get a good picture of it.  You can't tell how big it is from this pic, but you can see him keeping a distant eye on us.

So Klein officially add Gator Chaser to her resume, in addition to coyote chaser, wild turkey chaser, cow chaser, dog chaser, people chaser, and heavy equipment chaser.  I'm sure I forgot a couple.

Yeah, some evenings I feed the princess in my lap...


  1. I absolutely love the "between the ears" pics :)

  2. Ha! I love teaching horses to chase things. It makes them so much braver.

    Though I don't think I have the nerve to chase gators. Oh my!