Friday, March 20, 2015

Summertime Handsome

The Handsome ready for some Georgia heat.

Klein never really grew a winter coat this year.  I only clipped her once the whole winter and that was even barely noticeable.  Moch, she grew an ok winter coat but still not much of one.  She is from South Georgia, so her body knows better.  Wes, first winter here coming from the winter wonderland of Utah, turned into a yak and has basically been shedding the whole winter despite having a decent sized clip.  

  Yeah, no.  We don't play this game in our house...  (Yes that fence line is new, the second and third rail are coming)

Our last 40 degree night disappeared a couple weeks ago, the 80's are here and no one needs a shred of winter coat on them.
 Featherless Wes!  First I clipped his belly and legs, then the rest of his body a couple days after that. 

While I was clipping Wes I clipped his feather off too.  I just wanted to see how it looked and plus it would give me a good chance to examine his legs closely.  I keep Klein's feather clipped so I can put boots on her and wrap her and I don't miss it.  I clipped it off a couple years ago and have never let it grow back.  I think I might do the same with Wes.  I don't mind his feather, but I don't miss it.

While I was in SC for work the other week The Other Half sent me this video.  He sends me videos and pics of the ponyfaces every day because he's awesome like that.  Wes is so cute.  He is just so happy in his retirement. 

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  1. I can't believe the amount of hair you have to deal with. ;-) They're so fluffy!