Saturday, March 7, 2015

Red Hills 2015

 Stairway to Heaven bank complex.

 The Other Half and I went to Red Hills today to watch the 1*, 2*, and 3* XC.  I did take videos, and if you guys want to see them, go check out my Instagram (jumpingpercheron).

It was a gorgeous day out and the beauty of Red Hills just adds to it.

 Part of why we love this area so much.  It's SO pretty!

A rider over the Hammock.

 Both sides of the 2* and 3* Hammock.

 1* Weldon's Wall.

 Water complex.

 This is the kind of stuff Denny Emerson talks about...teddy bears on xc...

 One of Buck Davidson's bazillion rides during the long hold after the tragic Kyle Carter incident.  The hold was so long Buck dismounted and his grooms walked his horse around while everyone waited.

 Jacob Fletcher kicking the water complex's ass.

 Buck Davidson again.  He retired this horse in the water complex shortly after coming through the Hammock.

Goliath Gap.


  1. Some of those jumps take serious balls.

  2. So sad to hear about Carter's horse :-(

  3. What a pretty place! And I think I will stick with my novice sized jumps for now...