Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Combined Training Show, 13 Dec 14

This past Saturday we went to another show in Tallahassee.  We did the Training level (USEA dressage and showjumping at 3'3") Combined Training class again.  Next show we will ride atleast one or two more dressage tests and maybe an extra jumper round.  I wanted to make it to this one because there was a large "R" dressage judge.

We were the only ones in our class, so our placing doesn't mean much.  Ocala was having some shows that day and I know some people were heading down there.  Even though we were first by default, we still had to get up at 5am that morning and show up.

 On our way.  You can't really tell but it was a pretty, foggy morning.

Huge thanks to the Other Half as well because he was right there with me.  All I cared about was riding for the large R judge.  I didn't get an accurate gauge last show, due to my own error, and the judge disliked my AF service coat altogether.

Animal whisperer.  This happens everywhere we go!

As soon as the Other Half got out of the truck almost every animal on the property flocked to him.  He reminds me of that scene in Ace Ventura, "Come to me, my jungle friends!"

Dressage warm up.

 Well, glad we made it because Klein scored a 30.0 on her USEA Training Level A test!  That is the lowest score she has ever gotten at that level.  Her record at Novice is 26.1.  Our strong points were our entry down the center line, our 15m circles in each direction at the trot and the canter, our working trot to canter transition in both directions, our change rein through the diagonal (canter across the diagonal, KXM, and transitioning down to a trot at x), and our halt (which got a 9).  Our weakness was our lengthenings and our stretchy 20m circle.  Our free walk and medium weren't the greatest either.  She was looking for a more active walk and free walk.  There were three lengthenings, two at the trot and one at the canter.  Our canter lengthening scored the highest of the three but still needs improvement.  She commented that I need to give her more room with my hands and let her go a little more, I held her in.  So, I will take my report card to my instructor.  These are weaknesses we having been working on too.  Showing a difference in the lengthening is the thorn in our side.  I have some ideas for cavaletti work too that will hopefully get her stretching down and forward a little more too.  We have a plan, so I am excited to see if we can seriously improve them this year.

Ha, Klein is like, meh, booooring.

Stadium, what can I say?  She jumped double clear and we had one of the smoothest rounds we've had in a while.  Last Friday I took some things I learned from our lesson with the Grand Prix trainer and used them during our jump school.  We had an awesome jump school.  Very organized and smooth.  It definitely helped improve our stadium.

There was a show photographer there, so hopefully she got some nice pics.

Another fun day out with my Heart Horse!

On the way home we continued the remedial loading training.  She loaded nicely to go to FL that morning.  We decided to vary it again and let her load just once since she went on perfectly.  On the way home I picked a random, empty parking lot to pull over in and unload her for a few minutes.  


Not at all amused by this surprise.  She thought the next stop was home.  Ha.

Oh well.  The next stop really was home.

When we got home??  I unloaded her and walked her to the pasture then turned her around and walked her right back on the trailer.  We repeated that a couple times.  Once she nickered at me from the trailer like "Can I come out yet?"  She loaded a total of 27 times this week. 

The next day we went on a nice hack.  The weather is perfect here in the winter.  It was 67 Sunday.  Today was 74 and breezy.  Perfect.  

Out on our hack with a friend.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to fit her whole head in a pic like this.  You just have to aim for an eye.  My HPG kit bag is still so comfortable I forget I have it on while riding and galloping around.  Love it!

One last thing.  I put Back on Track therapeutic polo wraps on my xmas list, and look what magically showed up this week! 


  1. Ahaha, sorry Klein-mare, but I had a good laugh about your impromptu Middle Of Nowhere trailer loading session.

    Her expression is so totally priceless!

    Congrats on a great weekend; looking forward to reading about how you pursue improvements stretching down and forward.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend - congratulations on the placing and the beautiful ribbons. I am excited to see how the BOT works out for you.

  3. What a compliment from the judge to get a score like that. :-) Well done.

  4. Congratulations on the show, and on being the best horse owners ever. 27 times! She is going to load like a champ for the rest of her life, and have you to thank for it. If only every pet owner demanded that their animals become solid citizens.