Monday, August 18, 2014

PSA: Klein is a BAMF (but we knew that), the end.

 Klein owning a 3'6" ramped oxer.

First, let's all take a minute to observe the awesomeness that is my Klein baby.  This girl...I mean she jumps better than most light horses.  I think she is proof that alien life exists because she can't be from this planet, but I do have her pedigree proving she is 100% Perch, soooo...I'm confused.  She floats right over things like this, she didn't touch a thing at 3'6" but really, she IS 17hh.  Still, she's a thick 17hh and a full draft, I never lose sight of that and I maintain her like she is made of eggshell.  This pic shouldn't surprise me, we have pics of us schooling 3'9" and floating over that stuff too.  But this horse still leaves me in awe, *le sigh*.  Seven years and I still get little hearts floating around my head when I see Klein.

Klein and I have been focusing on gymnastics, long hacks, and dressage basics.  I really need to get some gymnastic video soon!  

 I consider this to be a perfect picture.  Wes grazing on green summer pasture with a breeze running through his mane and a storm rolling in to cool down the evening.  I have dreamed of these days and it's still a little hard to believe that they are a reality.

 Klein and I coming in one evening with a storm passing through in front of us.

 Sunrise in one of the barns.  Have to beat the South Georgia heat!

 Sunrise over the mare pasture.

 Ohhh Mochi pony...

 My Man Crush Everyday (it doesn't get better than him) with Wes yesterday.

And crawling between hot wire to see his beloved Mochi pony.

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  1. :-) Some of them just get to us. Love you and Klein together.