Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Reunion!

I have been busy the past couple weeks because...MY OTHER HALF CAME HOME FROM AFGHANISTAN!!!!! 

I couldn't be happier, and neither could the ponies.  Before you watch this next video, please remember how Klein treats most humans besides me.  She's a princess and there are only certain humans she genuinely likes.  She's not mean, she's just aloof and will pull away from people that try to pet her like she is SO offended they dare try to touch her majesty.  The other half is one of the few humans that Klein LIKES and this video proves it!  This was the first time they had seen him in five months.

And now you are wondering what Wes did, right?  Remember, Wes arrived about a month and a half into this deployment so Wes had not met his dad yet.  Wes LOVES his dad.  The first day that the other half spent time with him this happened:

Wes resting his head on bf's shoulder.

Wes resting his head on the top stall board with bf to visit Mochi.

Even Josephine, one of the barn cats missed him:

I'm so happy our family is all back together again!


  1. So, so glad he arrived home safe :-D

  2. Thrilled for you both that he's back. And that cat...omg

  3. SO happy for all 5 of you! [Well, 6 including ceylon....and really 7 including that adorable barn cat!].
    Glad he returned home safely, and thank you both for your service!
    [And as I said on ig...whoo, sexy legs!] :-)

  4. Awww, congratulations! Those pictures tell it all.