Monday, March 4, 2019

Total Saddle Fit Stability Stirrup Leathers

 Trilogy Verago Elite (Klein's dresage saddle).

Total Saddle Fit has started making Stability Stirrup Leathers.  I have this type of leathers on my jump saddles and I LOVE them.  They made an instant, noticeable difference and I have been a fan ever since, which is the reason my jump saddles all have them on them.  Their "wide-body design brings an unprecedented level of stability to a rider's leg.  The unique design creates a broad contact area on the flap, offering incredible stability unmatched by traditional leathers."

The companies that are making them aren't making them in a dressage length though, until now.  Total Saddle Fit has come out with them in both lengths.  I love them for jumping so much of course I wanted to see how they felt in a dressage saddle.

Custom Saddlery Icon Star (Super B's dressage saddle).

True to form, the leather quality is impressive.  I took them for a ride on two different dressage saddles and they were equally as awesome on both.  They definitely provide a very comfortable, solid base for your lower leg.  Super B can get a, animated sometimes and these leathers even provide some extra stability in those little episodes.  Super B actually had one of those little outbursts in a dressage show yesterday that prompted some "tactful, quiet rider" written comments and she still managed to get in the 60's.  Was that all the leathers?  Well, no, of course not, but that extra stability does help you stay quiet.

I have ridden with them for two weeks now and they are absolutely staying.  They are incredibly comfortable.  Total Saddle Fit has the motto "Ridiculously Effective Creations."  They stay true to that with every product I have from them.  Every product they make is effective and is created out of an actual need for improvement in equipment for both horse and rider.  All of their products are designed for the improvement and effectiveness for both horse and rider.

If you're not looking for these type of leathers in particular, they do sell traditional leathers too in black or brown, jumping or dressage length.  I also have a couple pairs of these and I have had them for a couple years now, they are holding up exceptionally well and have yet to stretch at all.  They also make slim leathers in black or brown, in various sizes, if that is what you're looking for.

Or, if you're not in the market for leathers, at least take a stroll around their website and check out the rest of their quality, comfortable, effective products.  Remember, they do have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee as well, and they stand behind that.  One last thing, so last month they offered free shipping, if you missed out on that, they're now offering free shipping on EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE!


  1. Thank you so much for posting a review of these - I've always been hesitant about millbrook leathers because I really don't like that theyre not nylon lined calfskin for My Precious. So I've been sooo curious about people trying them!

    Also love the free shipping BOTH ways if you don't like them. That's confidence.

  2. I have not seen those stirrup leathers before. They look really interesting.

  3. Gary’s Leather Shop also makes them! He custom makes them, I’m ordering some soon! He can make them with or without nylon lining and can also double stitch to increase the durability and prevent stretching! And they’re cheaper than millbrook!

  4. i've heard good things about these leathers! Good to know you also like them!

  5. Stacey, were these super stiff like Millbrooks?